Monthly Member Meetings

Great things happen when Shop STMA members get together!

Join us the 3rd Tuesday of each month

Join your fellow STMA business owners to touch base, collaborate and discover ways to help encourage our community to Shop Local.

With all of the new growth that STMA has had in recent times, it has become even more important to promote shopping local.

Delivery services, big box expansion and the internet as a whole has changed everything…and it’s not going away.

Shop STMA’s goal is to ensure that every family in our community knows that shopping local is not just an option, but THE BEST option for themselves and the community as a whole. Everything someone could need is right here….and most of them don’t even know it. We want to change that.

Meeting your fellow Shop STMA members monthly helps build the comradery needed to grow, support each other and ultimately support the STMA community.

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Benefits of Shopping Local

Discover STMA – Shop local.

Strengthens the Local Community

Businesses Support the Community

Creates Jobs Locally

Reduced Environmental Impact

Dollars Spent Locally, Stay Local

Better Service

Discover STMA. Shop Local. Shop STMA.

Browse local businesses for outstanding service and selection

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