#ShopSmallSTMA Week

What a successful Shop Small Week 2023!!
Congrats to the winners of our $25, $50 & $100 gift cards!
We hope this energy rolls right into the holidays for all of you local shoppers!

#ShopSmallSTMA Discover STMA Week!
NOV 20-26, 2023

Find out what STMA has to offer with awesome discounts and specials for 1 week only!

The STMA community may not have defined “main street” shopping, but there are TONS of retailers!

Discover STMA retailers and take advantage of great deals.

Print your cards, visit the participating retailers & win GREAT prizes!

Check out our Discover STMA Week Deals!

Benefits of Shopping Local

Discover STMA – Shop local.

Strengthens the Local Community

Businesses Support the Community

Creates Jobs Locally

Reduced Environmental Impact

Dollars Spent Locally, Stay Local

Better Service

Discover STMA. Shop Local. Shop STMA.

Browse local businesses for outstanding service and selection

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