Company Description

Our History

The Wright County Historical Society is a non-profit corporation first organized in 1942 and reorganized in 1967.  The museum, library and archives are located at 2001 Hwy 25 North in Buffalo, Minnesota. Five historic structures are included in the collection including three log cabins, the 1908 Chatham Town Hall and the 1881 Welker one-room school.

Our Mission

The Wright County Historical Society serves to collect, preserve, and share our history.

Our Vision

The Wright County Historical Society (WCHS) is a non-profit organization consisting of a museum, research library, and extensive artifact and archival collections, and includes historic structures in multiple locations.

WCHS strives to create a dynamic place where people encounter, explore, share, and learn about the past.

In pursuit of this Vision, the Wright County Historical Society will:

  • Connect to diverse audiences by providing a variety of learning formats, educational activities, and history-related community services.

  • Attract, retain, and develop talented professionals and volunteers, and enable them to do excellent work.

  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships, opportunities, and alliances with educational institutions, the business community, government, and other community organizations.

  • Engage in fundraising activities, including the acceptance of donations as appropriate, to accomplish its vision.

  • Serve as the collective historical memory of Wright County, Minnesota.

  • Identify, collect, and preserve materials related to the history of Wright County with consideration for other areas of the State when appropriate.

  • Present exhibits that use historical materials to promote understanding and appreciate for the history of Wright County, Minnesota.

  • Provide a comprehensive genealogical research facility utilizing cutting-edge technology and resources.

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