Company Description

Hi, I am Dr. Angie, a chiropractor, healer, and connector of the body, mind, and spirit. My purpose here on earth is to help my clients unwrap the layers of stress that hold them back in life. These stressors block their energy and can keep them stuck in physical and emotional patterns of exhaustion, sickness and symptoms. I have been a Doctor of Chiropractic for over 18 years and also own Remedy Testing, a bio-energy company that delivers comprehensive health tests to help you better understand your health. Through chiropractic and bioenergy work I help bring the self-awareness needed for your transformation. If you are feeling alone, stuck, or just plain exhausted, I can help! I have a gift that helps not only myself SHINE brighter in this ever-stressful world, but also brings LIGHT to others. Self-Awareness and Self Responsibility are the key to your health. There is no quick fix or magic timeline because everyone is on their own individual path. I will help guide you on your inner journey of optimal health.

Contact Information
5676 La Centre Ave, #202
Albertville, MN 55301
Dr. Angie Pufahl