Company Description

Your Child Is Unique.

With Sylvan, You’ll Get Personalized Tutoring to Match.

If you’re like most Sylvan families, you don’t believe that education should be “one size fits all.” You want learning to be personalized to your child’s talents and needs.

At Sylvan, it is.

You’ll find the right program for exactly where your child is in the educational journey — whether you want help catching up, honing skills, taking on advanced classes or getting ready for big college dreams.

Sylvan Learning of Albertville is a K-12 supplemental education center which provides tutoring to K-12 students in math, reading, writing, study skills, SAT/ACT prep, and more!

Contact Information
5585 La Centre Ave, Suite 200
Albertville, MN 55301
Suzanne & Morgan Flottmeier