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Come visit us at our next meeting!

  • Meet New Friends – Get to know other women in the community who share a common interest in making the world a better place. Enjoy the opportunity to socialize with enthusiastic women from around the state.

  • Get Involved – Be part of the community. Plan fun, new events for families. Be a part of the solution.

  • Learn New Skills – Sharpen your writing or speaking skills, enhance our organization abilities, and learn to be an effective part of a team through participation in projects.

  • Make a Difference – Share your strengths with others. Use the leadership opportunities to motivate others, meet goals, and gain confidence in your abilities.

  • Treat Yourself – You’re worth it! Be a part of a group that is just for you. Give yourself permission to grow, develop, and have fun as an individual.

If you are at least 18 years of age, like to meet new people, need something just for yourself, want to get involved in your community, like to improve on your leadership skills and love to laugh and have fun, then please join our group!
The STMA Women of Today are not politically or religiously affiliated with any group. We are people from many different walks of life and experiences who are working toward making their communities a better place to live.
One of our largest events is our Annual Craft Show at the STMA High School. There are over 250 vendors, and one of Minnesota’s best craft shows!

We meet at the Liberty Restaurant and Bar at 25 Central Ave E in St Michael on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm, with social time starting at 6:30.

Contact Information
PO Box 135,
St Michael, MN 55376
Sandy Greninger