Company Description

STMA’s Early Childhood Family Education program’s goals for parents and children are as follows:

When attending the STMA ECFE program, children will:

  • build relationships with peers and adults as well as develop emotional connections and expression of feelings and grow an appreciation of rules and routines. (SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL)
  • establish verbal and nonverbal tools for communicating with others and participate in books, stories, and songs. (LANGUAGE/LITERACY)
  • use exploration to discover new information through play and become problem solvers by approaching new activities with curiosity and wonder. (COGNITIVE)
  • express creativity through multiple mediums and be encouraged to use imagination during pretend play and social interactions. (ARTS)
  • grow large and small motor control and coordination during physical activity and develop self-help skills by expanding independence. (MOTOR)

While working with parents, the STMA ECFE staff will:

  • Communicate the importance of parent’s role as child’s first teacher
  • Provide parents realistic expectations and knowledge of child development stages.
  • Support parent-child relationships and demonstrate positive interactions
  • Guide parents through transition of early childhood to kindergarten and school-age years
  • Provide opportunities for formal and informal social networks
  • Introduce families to available community resources