Company Description

We promise to make you our number one priority
For more than 80 years, we have earned long-term customer relationships by helping our
customers and communities succeed. We believe that the communities we serve are not only the
inspiration of our organization, but the purpose behind our existence. That’s why customers like
you are at the heart of everything we do.

We take care of our customers…and those who should be
When you walk into any of our MidWestOne locations, you’ll probably see our mission
statement prominently displayed. “Take care of our customers and those who should be,” is not
only our mission, it is who we are.

Our history
The history of our bank begins with Ben S. Summerwill, or Grandpa Ben, as we lovingly like to
call him. Summerwill founded Iowa State Bank & Trust in 1934. While the name of the bank has
changed to MidWestOne Bank, we still operate under the same charter and are headquartered in
the same location in downtown Iowa City. The story of why Grandpa Ben became a banker has
become the bedrock of our company.

We passionately pursue success for our neighbors, and we support organizations that create
opportunities in our communities. That’s because we believe the positive actions of each one of
us contributes to the success of us all. The MidWestOne Foundation provides financial support
for the arts, education, wellness, recreation and civic services.

While we started as a small community bank in Iowa, we have since grown to more than 40
locations across Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Florida.

Contact Information
John Jost, Retail Banking
Josh DeBoer, Commercial Banking