Company Description

Let us do your dirty work!

JM’s Hydro Wash is the local family-owned STMA pressure washer you can count on to eliminate the stress of exterior surface cleaning – spend less time on your “honey-do” list and more time in your happy place! JM’s Hydro Wash is the experienced pressure washer you can trust to give your STMA home or business the care it deserves.

Our mission is to provide quality pressure washing and soft washing services at fair prices.

We’ll turn your green to clean and take your home or business from grime to shine in no time!





Make the holidays even brighter!

When we aren’t washing, we are helping make the homes and businesses in STMA festive with permanent holiday lighting for year-round celebrations!

Control the permanent LED lights and the ambiance they create through an app on your SmartPhone. You’ll have access to a wide assortment and countless combinations of colors and patterns, and you can celebrate or mark momentous occasions such as:

Valentine’s Day – Back to School – Birthday’s – 4th of July – Super Bowl – Halloween – get creative!

Contact Information
St. Michael, MN 55376
Jamie Moksnes